Primate Social Society Silverbacks - The leader of the troop!
Silverbacks are the top dog of the jungle. Summoned by sacrificing 5 PSS Primates that will never walk the earth again.
  • Sacrifice 5 original PSS NFTs
    • These are effectively burnt and are permanently removed from circulation
  • Currently earns 1 SILVER token a day for the holder and 0.1 SILVER token for the account that originally minted the SIlverback
  • Artwork is currently unrevealed but should be finished and revealed soon.
  • Upcoming functionality of Silverbacks:
    • Earn 10 SILVER tokens a day for the holder, and permanently earn 1 SILVER token a day for the account that originally created it
    • Breed with another Silverback. This will burn 600 SILVER tokens and create one Baby.
      • Baby traits are determined based on the traits of the Silverbacks and the sacrificed Primates that made them