SILVER is the utility system at the core of the Primate Social Society ecosystem.

SILVER is earned by holding Silverbacks. Currently each Silverback produces 1 SILVER per day for the holder of the Silverback, as well as 0.1 SILVER per day for the account that originally minted the Silverback.

SILVER will be able to be claimed by users after we add liquidity and enable Silverback breeding.

$100k of ETH will be paired with 100k SILVER on SushiSwap and then you will be able to claim your SILVER tokens on our website. At this point we will also up the SILVER generation rate to 10 SILVER per day for each Silverback you hold as well as 1 SILVER per day for each Silverback you minted.

You will always earn the SILVER for the Silverbacks you minted, even if you sell them. This is your reward for being an early adopter.

The SILVER contract is set to charge a 5% tax on selling SILVER. There is no tax to buy or transfer. This tax goes towards future hires to expand the team.

600 SILVER is used to breed two Silverbacks together to produce a Baby Gorilla NFT. When SILVER is used to breed, change metadata, etc, it is BURNED and removed from supply permanently. The only SILVER that is not burned is the taxes on selling.

SILVER will also have future uses such as:

  • Changing the name of Primates and Silverbacks

  • Changing the biography of Primates and Silverbacks

  • Access to exclusive merchandise

  • Buying and selling NFTs

  • Mint future NFTs

  • Lottery

  • Purchase outfits and unique items for your NFTs

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