🪦How to Sacrifice

This page shows the steps needed to sacrifice five PSS Primates and mint a Silverback with their traits.

Make sure you download the high resolution images of the Primates you want to sacrifice them.

  1. Make sure your wallet is set to Ethereum Mainnet

  2. Make sure Metamask is connected

  3. Verify that the active account is the one you have connected

  4. Click on the Silverback Altar button at the top right of the page

  5. Select the Primates you wish to sacrifice by clicking on them

    • If you have 1/1s, they will show up as B&W… you CANNOT sacrifice 1/1s

  6. The Primates you will be sacrificing will be shown here

  7. Approve All

    • Saves you money. Should be about $25-40 total.

    • If you individually approve each of the five apes you create five transactions. Will end up being about $10-15 per approval. You'll spend more if you do it this way.

    • What the approval is doing is saying, “I’ll let the Silverback contract transfer my apes for me.” Approve all says “Let the contract transfer any apes it wants,” the approve individual says “Only approve transfer of this one PSS.”

  8. Click Sacrifice button

  9. Confirm your Sacrifice

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